Top Holiday Unicorn Gifts

10 Holiday Gift Ideas for Unicorn Lovers

The Holidays are approaching fast and you're still not sure what to purchase for your favorite unicorn fan??? No worries... we have you covered! We've put together a list of our top unicorn gift ideas for 2018 below:

Holiday Unicorn Gift Ideas

1. Magical Unicorn Slippers

Unicorn SlippersNo matter who you're shopping for, slippers are always a wonderful gift to give (or receive) during the holidays. And for unicorn lovers, a cute and cozy pair of Unicorns Slippers could be the most wonderful holiday gift of all! Available in a wide variety of styles and colors, an adorable pair of unicorn slippers will not only keep your toes warm, but they'll spread joy and magic throughout the entire winter season.

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2. Unicorn Hoodie / Pullover

Unicorn HoodieProbably just as popular to give during the holidays as slippers, a warm, long-sleeve hoodie is a practical Winter gift that can be made even better with a unique and colorful unicorn design. Ideal for kids, teens or adults, we have a variety of stylish options at 100 Unicorns - from zip-ups to pull-overs.

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3. Unicorn Duvet Cover Set

Unicorn Bedding SetSure to inspire dreams filled with rainbows, glitter and stars, our uniquely styled unicorn duvet cover sets are a wonderful gift idea for unicorn lovers. Available in a wide variety of stylish designs, transform a traditional kids bedroom into a magical unicorn playscape! Just add duvet insert and pillows.

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4. 3D Rainbow Projector Night Light

Rainbow Night LightBrighten up your child's night with this amazing 3D Rainbow Projector Night Light. A beautiful compliment to our unicorn-style bedding (or any unicorn-themed decor), this colorful rainbow night light will set the stage for sweet holiday dreams.

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5. Girls / Women's Unicorn Leggings

Unicorn LeggingsSo they might not be the warmest unicorn gift idea on our list, but girls LOVE leggings! And if they love unicorns just as much, then an adorable pair of Unicorn Leggings is probably just the type of holiday gift they're dreaming about.

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6. Unicorn Earbud Headphones

Unicorn EarphonesA cute and inexpensive gift idea for unicorn lovers, these Unicorn Earbud Headphones are a fun way to add some magical flair to a cell phone, tablet or music player. Pair them up with a colorful unicorn phone case for pure unicorn magic!

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7. Unicorn Beanie / Winter Hat

Unicorn Winter HatWhat better way to express your love for unicorns during the cold winter months than with a cozy, warm unicorn winter hat? Available in a wide variety of colors and designs, unicorn fans are sure to appreciate this useful unicorn gift idea.

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8. Unicorn Coffee Cup

Unicorn Coffee CupSearching for a gift idea for an adult unicorn lover? How about an unique unicorn coffee cup? We have several different options to choose from; from funny, to majestic, to adorable. Just pour in your favorite hot drink...

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9. Plush Unicorn Onesie Pajamas

Unicorn Onesie PajamasPerfect for lounging around the house on cold winter nights, how could a unicorn lover NOT want a pair of these adorable Unicorn Onesie Pajamas??? Available in multiple styles and colors, they're designed for kids... and adults! 

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10. Unicorn Wall Decal Stickers

Unicorn Wall Decal StickersChildren are sure to love these delightful unicorn wall decals. Available in a variety designs, easily apply them to any smooth surface for a fun and magical transformation. Perfect for bedrooms, nurseries or play areas.

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