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About 100 Unicorns

100 Unicorns was started by two mothers who never heard the end of how magical unicorns were from their kids.

In the end, they won, there was no denying the imagination and wonder they brought out in them and us.

Of course now Unicorns have crept into pop culture and have become the subject of many a meme, some of which you will see in our products here.

I guess that means we are "cool" again?

From there it all became a bit of an infatuation, an obsession if you will, and we nearly had an online store worth of Unicorn items in our houses alone.

We can't get enough of the magical Unicorn, and if you are reading this, there is a good chance you can't either.

100 Unicorns was set up in early 2016 to do exactly as the name says.

Provide a place to find 100 different unicorn themed items to add to your collection.

And yes, there is a very good chance we have just about all of these.

There is an even better chance we won't be able to restrict ourselves to just 100 also.

Enjoy the store, and remember to contact us at any time with questions, suggestions or feedback.

Magical shopping!